Photoshop Actions

My actions are stackable, adjustable, non-destructive & easy-to-use, leaving you with various color possibilities and full control over every layer adjustment, making editing totally worth it.

Lightroom Presets

My presets are undergoing some changes right now, but if you dwell in nature like me; or if you love soft, airy, vintage colors, then you're gonna love what I am currently working on!



My tutorials are a bit different than what you may usually read. I kind of write them like a personal blog to inspire and show you how down to earth I really am about helping others learn what may be difficult to find elsewhere.

My tutorials include: photo editing, photoshop, lightroom, photo-manipulation, and (nature) photography. Follow me on facebook to make sure you don't miss anything new! 

Textures & Stock Photos

Before I started creating photoshop actions and presets, I was offering my landscape imagery for digital artists in need of imagery to bring their creative ideas to life. I post a small collection on here, but you can find some of my original stuff on deviantart.

Everything is free of charge, as long as my imagery is respected and used ideally for digital artists, or other things as listed here.