Creation of Night Fate

Night Fate began on deviantART, and with time it has transformed into something that was never imagined back then. It had gradually started out as two separate accounts on deviantArt, one for my personal artwork, tutorials, and actions, and the other for stock photos only. 

The photoshop actions (alongside the tutorials), are the resources that truly made my Night Fate name blossom. I've always had a natural passion to express myself through color, as well as being passionate about helping others and sharing my creativity and resources.


About Julia

I am considered to be an observer of this world, and I am very independent when it comes to creating and offering my resources and artwork. Although I can very easily shut out the outer world and not be a very sociable person and prefer to work alone most of the time, I'm still a sweet, kind girl that will find ways to work with others when needed or as desired.

I've wandered down a long road to get this far with my community that can appeal to various audiences after a lot of trial, error, dedication, ups-and-downs, and a lot of passion from within.

I usually dwell in a world of light, color, and capturing all the little moments. I am in love with photography, writing, science, hiking, traveling, food, kittens, cupcakes, & hot soups. And I am endlessly in love with nature and I see beauty in everything, whether I'm in the city or out hiking the California hills--although currently located in Virginia, I like to think that I am still in Cali. I guess I am just a super chill, friendly, down-to-earth girl who lives in peace and harmony. 


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