This is the general Terms of Use for my photoshop actions, presets, and tutorials. For the usage on my stock imagery, please visit here.

By downloading my freebies or purchasing my products, you are agreeing that you will not redistribute my products or any other file content included with products (with or without any modifications or name changes); and you will not sell, copy, publish, re-upload, translate, transfer rights, convert, reproduce, or build upon with the intention of claiming any resources as your own. 

Sharing Products

My freebies are available to give you an idea of what I have to offer before considering the purchase of any products.

Do not upload my freebies or products through sharing websites, emails, blogs, etc. Use share buttons, pin it, or copy and paste the URL (with a preview sample) to share the links to the product or freebie on my website where it can be purchased or downloaded.

By purchasing my products, it does not automatically give you the rights or permission to redistribute them just because you paid for it. They are for You, the purchaser. I'd truly appreciate not being sold short for my dedicated work that makes it possible for photographers and digital artists to use my exclusive style.

Products are not refundable due to their digital nature.

(actions/presets) You are responsible to have read the product descriptions and the disclaimer. Try my available freebies before making any purchases, just to reassure yourself that you are aware of what you are getting based on my editing style and workflow--and make sure it works for your style of photography.

If you make your own alternations to your personal liking, you are responsible to have saved an original copy, and not distribute your modification that had used my original creation. 


My tutorials are meant to be used as a learning tool.

By recreating any of my photo-manipulations as seen in my tutorials, you are not to claim or sell the idea as your own. 

My photo edit tutorials may not be created into photoshop actions or .psd files with the intention of distributing and/or claiming them as your own. 

My photography tutorials sometimes include inspiring ideas that I come up with. If you recreate the idea, please mention where/who you got the idea from (night fate photography or actions.)

My actual tutorials may not be recreated into a slightly modified version and claimed as your own, or converted into videos, screenshots, other languages, or photoshop actions that you intend to distribute. However, some of the things listed may be allowed if you get my written permission (such as translating it into another language).

Backup your files

I am not responsible for any file loss and/or damage. It is strongly recommended that you backup your files in multiple places, or make duplicates soon after you download the product, whether it was a freebie or an actual product that you paid for. 

Please do not take resources for granted: Computers and Photoshop can suddenly crash, causing file loss or permanent file damage; other times files may accidentally get deleted, so please make duplicates to avoid that issue. And you may even encounter a time where you can no longer find those valued resources available anymore. So back them up, value them, respect them, and have fun!

Preview images 

The preview photos are taken either by me or provided by a few photographers, who are mentioned in any product description that uses their imagery as previews. You must get their permission to use their imagery.